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At Life Resources of Northern Michigan, we bring a risk avoidance curriculum to area schools through our Positive Choices In Education (PCIE) program. It is our hope that students in our communities will make positive choices today for decisions that will affect their tomorrow. Since 2001, our curriculum has helped hundreds of students make better, healthier choices for themselves and their loved ones. Our education program staff and curriculum follow all of Michigan state law.

Positive Choices In Education (PCIE): Secondary Education Presentations

Our curriculum is designed for students between 6th and 12th grade, with different levels tailored to different age groups. Each section of the curriculum contains four to six lessons discussing a variety of topics such as historical marital customs, the biology of pregnancy and baby development, and the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Our curriculum is designed to present an abstinence-focused viewpoint that helps teens make good, healthy decisions and avoid the complications of sexual activity, STDs and pregnancy.

What Teachers Say
    • I think that the classes were received well by the students. I think most students listened and learned. — 9th grade teacher
    • The presenter made the information relevant to the students. She kept them engaged and handled their goofiness well. — 7th grade teacher
    • The students seemed to be engaged in the presentations, they asked questions and seemed to learn a lot. I liked how factual and REAL the examples were. — 8th grade teacher
    • The students did a great job of listening and participating. I believe they took the presentation as truth. Truth presented, not just don’t do it but reasons why students should not act on sex. — 8th grade teacher
    • The classes were received well by our students. They enjoyed the interaction that took place. The information presented is essential. Also, the information is very age appropriate. The educators also demonstrate a lot of care for kids and their well-being. — 6th grade teacher
    • The educator is a wonderful role model for young ladies. She spoke in a way that was factual and informative but not offensive. — 8th grade teacher
What Students Say
  • I really liked that class because it helped me understand boundaries and the dangers of having sex before marriage. — 6th grader
  • The presentation made me closer and more open with my mom and it filled in the blanks. — 7th grader
  • I learned the dangers of sex and I have made a choice to wait until marriage to have sex. — 7th grader
  • I learned that waiting until marriage to have sexual activity is a great thing. — 8th grader
  • Even though I haven’t had sex I’ve done some sexual activity and now I know there are consequences for that too. — 9th grader
  • I liked thinking about how I am going to change my life. — 9th grader
  • It wasn’t awkward at all like most sex-ed stuff. It was actually informative and a lot of fun! — 11th grader
  • A lot of things encouraged me because of the things I don’t want to become. It was very clear and understanding and changed a lot of thoughts running in my head. — 12th grader
  • The presentation made me think that I can still start over — Eagle Village
Schools Where We Present
  • Cadillac Junior High School, Cadillac
  • Crossroads Charter Academy, Big Rapids
  • Daystar Christian Academy, Evart
  • Eagle Village Ashmun School, Hersey
  • Eagle Village Intervention Center, Hersey
  • Lake City Middle School, Lake City
  • Mackinaw Trail Middle School, Cadillac
  • Manton Consolidated High School, Manton
  • Manton Consolidated Middle School, Manton
  • McBain Rural Agricultural High School, McBain
  • Northern Michigan Christian High School, McBain
  • Northern Michigan Christian Middle School, McBain

For Parents

Talking to teens about love, sex, and relationships is never easy. Visit our Parents Resources page to learn more about how to talk to your children about these important topics. You can help them make the best decisions for their sexual health and future.

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