Hope is Here!

“Hope does not disappoint because the Love of God has been poured out.” – Romans 5:5

“The expectant mother” arrived at our center with fear in her eyes. Her hope was to find a quick end to her circumstances that were too overwhelming to even speak.

An ultrasound would reveal that there was very little time. She was in disbelief to find there was only weeks left and she was much more advanced in her pregnancy than she initially thought.

An adoption plan was suggested in her moments of despair. Her initial hope to terminate would not be possible. Her fears were met in our center with grace and the true HOPE of Jesus: 

God who loved her so much always has a plan. He was about to bring a perfect gift even in the scariest of circumstances.

Days later… another expectant mother arrived at our center. She was about to adopt a soon coming baby and needed all the support she could find! Clothing, car seat, cribs and parenting classes. She was overjoyed that she soon would be a mother!

Wow! Our clinic and center was able to bring Hope in a way that demonstrated God’s grace. He was in the midst of this story. Only he can redeem and bring forth Life in such trying times. When Jesus is here, Hope is here!

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